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What is the ABCO Difference?

The following is a list of items that we think differentiate ABCO from the competition.

As the name says the buildings are portable. They can be moved once installed because of the reinforced floor construction with 4″x6″ skids or runners that run the full length of the building. Note that site-built sheds typically cannot be moved easily once they are built in place.

All metal roof. Our buildings come with a Z-metal roof and a 30 year warranty. This dramatically reduces the constant maintenance associated with shingles. Shingles do not last in AZ sun and wind. In addition, studies have shown that reflective nature of the metal actually makes the buildings cooler. And we vent the heat at the peak of the roof! No need for the those expensive interior reflective coatings.

Our price is the out the door price for the building. We do not add on the paint, the doors, the windows or the metal roof for the price. The price you see for each style of building is the total price for the building. Saying that, you can deduct or add additional options as desired.

Double 2×4 construction. The walls include double 2x4s at every seam of the building and double 2×4 top plating on the walls. We do not skimp on the lumber or the quality even in these inflationary times for building materials and everything in general.

All pressure treated lumber. ABCO uses all pressure treated lumber on the outside of the buildings including the 2×6 floor joists and the 4″x 6″ skids underneath. We now use DuraTemp for the siding which is treated for termites, mildew and rot.

Factory construction. All buildings are constructed at the local factory. This means reduced cost of construction, better quality control and efficient build and delivery times. In addition, materials are bought in bulk, all of which reduces the price of the product to the consumer which is critical at this point in time. (Note the buildings do come fully assembled so any wall gates need to be the width of the building plus about 2 feet).

 The flooring is 5/8″ plywood flooring, which is a very structurally sound material.

These are just some of the advantages of our building product. We would love to show you the quality of our buildings. We currently have over 15 buildings on display and likely have the best selection of ABCO buildings in town.

We are located at 16115 S Three Wells Ct. Sahuarita, AZ