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The American Barn Co (ABCO)

So what’s the deal with this new company ABCO? In case your curious, we recently changed the company’s name to American Barn Co. (ABCO), which was formerly Weather King Portable buildings. The company is basically composed of the same people on the plant side, delivery side and most if not all of the dealerships throughout the state.

The plant is still located in Wilcox, AZ and the good people that we love, Brian and Aleyna Lassen are still running it. They are doing an awesome job keeping orders going to customers and getting buildings out to lots across the state. In the near future, there will be at least two more plants coming on line: one in Phoenix and the other in Golden Valley. This will relieve some of the strain on the Wilcox plant which has been running full tilt to get buildings out to customers.

The employees at the plant have very high morale and love their jobs. They all work very hard to be as efficient and timely as possible in getting buildings out, but most importantly not sacrificing the quality that you have come to love.

Speaking of quality, have you seen the new buildings? They are amazing! All plywood interiors for superior structural strength. Plywood backed DuraTemp siding, 2×6 rafters on the roofs, all metal roof with 30 year warranty, all pressure treated lumber outside, and a rock solid 5 year warranty! You can feel the difference when you open that door!

We pray for your patience and understanding during this time. We are currently running about 8-10 weeks delivery time on buildings. Once the other plants come on line, we do think the delivery times will start to drop a bit (granted the busy spring season is just around the corner)! We will keep you posted as things progress.

Happy Veterans day weekend to everyone! We are so blessed to have such wonderful customers and to be able to live in this great country with freedoms that abound and so much abundance!

God bless and thank you to our service men and women!