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Mennonite Craftmen!

ABCO Portable buildings are hand-built using Mennonite craftsmanship.

  • All Sheds come with a 5 year Warranty on Materials and Craftsmanship.
  • Manufacturers warranty against Rot, Decay, and Termites. 
  • 30 year Metal Roof Warranty.
  • Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and prevention of rust spots or stains.
  • Wall studs are doubled under siding seams for extra strength.
  • The 2x6 reinforced doors are built to keep out the weather and key locked for your protection.
  • Series of air vents position to create optimum circulation and temperature control.
  • Pressure treated floor joists are set into notched pressure treated skids for maximum strength.
  • All buildings can be customized by adding door and windows, at an additional cost.
  • Buildings are constructed to local building codes.
  • All building plans are sealed by a registered civil engineer in Arizona.
Weather King Framing Feb 2022

Factory Advantage

Buildings are constructed at one of 2 Weather King Plant's in Arizona. This means increased quality of construction and lower production costs which translates into you receiving a higher quality building at a lower cost. Custom order your building with the color scheme, window type and door style to your liking.

Compare the Quality of Construction

ABCO uses all pressure treated lumber on the outside including the 2x6 floor joists, 4"x6" skids and TruWood siding.  Quality is unmatched in the business-  including 2"x4" lumber supporting the roof, double 2"x4" top of wall plates, double 2"x4" lumber every third stud, 16" on center. 30-year rated metal roof!