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A Better Backyard Building

Quality. Value. Service after the sale.
These are the things that set ABCO Portable Buildings apart.

Here at ABCO of Sahuarita, we work hard to bring you the finest in Portable Storage Buildings, Sheds, Backyard Storage Solutions, Garages and Utility Buildings.   We are one of over 100 great dealers across Arizona, New Mexico, North Texas, and Colorado.  We offer fast delivery, the industry's best warranty, quality and great customer service. We look forward to serving you.

If you have any questions or if you would like to place an order, please email us at:  or give us a call 520-447-7862.

We will work diligently to answer all your questions and information requests. Orders are entered using ABCO's proprietary software. Once the order is complete, ABCO will print out the order hard copies and arrange a time and convenient location to meet and sign the paperwork or simply scan, fax or email the signed copies back to us. Orders can be placed on the lot location at 16115 S Three Wells Ct. or we and can meet you at your residence or other place of choosing to take the order. To protect the private information of customers, all orders are faxed in to the Corporate headquarters in Murray, Kentucky for processing. Customers can pay with credit card, check or cash.

For non-local customers (outside of Tucson and surrounding areas and Rio Rico/Nogales), it is recommended that you go through the nearest dealer to your location.  For buildings off a particular lot, customers will need to go through the dealer from that lot. If you do choose to go through us for a new build from the factory only, signed work orders can be emailed or faxed to us for processing.  We deliver throughout the Tucson metro area including Tucson, Sahuarita, Vail, Green Valley, Amado, Rio Rico, Marana, Catalina, Oracle, Sonoita. ABCO covers much of Arizona with multiple dealers throughout the state. All buildings in southern Arizona are constructed at the local plant in Wilcox, less than an hour's drive from the lot location at 16115 S Three Wells Ct. in the Sahuarita/Vail area. This means that we can deliver buildings at the same price anywhere from Tucson to the Mexican border. We can deliver to many locations in Arizona as well. 

Click on the image to download our Brochure

Purchase or Rent to Own

For a purchase of the building, ABCO requires half down up front and the remainder upon delivery. Both the dealer and the delivery driver accept all forms of payment including credit card and check, with one exception. The driver does not carry cash, so please use check or credit at the time of delivery.

The rent to own policy works as follows:

  • It is a 36 month lease to own.
  • There is no credit check and no pre-pay penalty.
  • (Note: For crane installs, the rent to own policy does not apply.  The building must be purchased using the purchase price of the building, not the rent to own price.)

Want to keep the building?  We encourage customers to pay it off early as possible as the interest is quite high. Why is the interest so high? The reason is that the rental company (ABCO Rentals) takes on increased risk with the "no credit check policy".

Customers can avoid a substantial amount of the interest in a few ways:

  • Pay a larger down payment , which also reduces the monthly payment.
  • Pay it off early. There is no penalty for doing so. The early payoff amount is calculated as follows: Remaining Total Cost Calculated at the Time Multiplied by 55 % plus sales tax and any other applicable fees or charges.
  • Take out a building loan, line of credit or personal loan at a local bank or credit union, and take advantage of potentially lower interest.