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Available options are listed below:

36" Solid Metal Door$300
36" 11-Lite Door$400
48" Wooden Door$150
72" Pair of Wooden Doors$300
6' w Roll-up Garage Door$1000
8' w Roll-up Garage Door$1000
9' w Roll-up Garage Door$1000
2'x3' Window$100
3'x3' Window$125
18"x24" Gable Loft Window$100
Octagon Windows$100
Transom Windows$100
Shutters (Set)$75
French Doors$750
Interior wall$300
Lower wall height from 8' to 7'(-) $100


Standard options can be removed as well and we deduct the price of the option according to the cost schedule above-new orders only.  Note prices for garage doors are deducted $800. For example, say you want to order a new side utility building but would rather not have the windows for security purposes.  We will deduct $100 for each window.

Pick Your Colors

ABCO offers 17 paint colors for the siding and the trim.

paint colors

Metal Roof Colors

The buildings do come with an all-metal roof standard.  Studies indicate that metal roofs are up to 10 degrees cooler than shingle roofs, because of the reflective nature of the metal.  The plywood paneling on the interior of the metal also provides additional insulating value against the heat.  ABCO is currently not offering metal siding.  To check on the availability of metal siding in the future, please contact the ABCO of Sahuarita dealer.  

Customers can finish the buildings out with foam or fiber insulation and drywall for ultimate temperature control for your storage or living needs.

metal colors


Need a place to park your vehicles or favorite toys out of the elements and shield them from the pesky pack rats, we have your parking and storage solution. Or use it to work on your vehicles, for a work shop or to store all your tools. Garages and lofted barn garages start at 10x20 in size and go up to 12x32. Garages can serve as combination storage and parking or parking and work shop/ tool shed. Floors are reinforced with pressure treated 2x6s 12" on center plus 4-4"x6" pressure skids underneath for extra structural support. Garage floors are designed and constructed to accommodate full-size vehicles. Note that the garage door opening has 80" of vertical clearance. Garages come standard with a 36" solid metal door, 2x3 window and roll-up garage door but like other building models are completely customizable as discussed above. Roll-up doors can be chosen in widths of 6', 8' and 9', depending on the size of building.

All ABCO buildings are completely sealed to keep the pests out and include soffits on both sides of the building between the roof and the walls. For more detailed information on the reinforced garage floor system and overall structural quality of all our buildings, visit the Quality Tab.

Loft Barn Storage


With our lofted building solutions, you can virtually double your storage space for the same square foot size of building. In addition to the Lofted Barn Garages, ABCO offers Lofted Barns, Side Lofted Barns, Lofted Barn Cabins and Side Lofted Barn Cabins. Lofts are constructed of a 2x6 gable braces on the roof and 2x6 loft floor braces overlain by plywood decking. Each lofted building comes with 2 lofts standard. Individual loft lengths start at 4 feet for a 8x12 lofted barn and go up to 12 feet for a 12x32 lofted barn style. Lofts are 3.5 feet high and can be used for extra storage or bedrooms. Store those Christmas lights and boxes up top and keep the floor space open for your work shop, hay, tack or other storage needs.