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Customize Your Shed

Marilou’s custom 12×32 Side Lofted Barn

We have a lot of people using the ABCO Portable Buildings for tiny houses, she sheds, man caves, entertainment rooms, guest houses, offices, you name it.  For example the building above is being used as a recovery room/rest area for patients.  This particular building is finished out inside with hardwood flooring, insulation, drywall and electric.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I walked in this building during the month of August 2020 and it was very comfortable inside.  Note the mini-split on the wall which was more than ample to cool the building.  This building was very well insulated as well.  (Please note ABCO only sells the buildings.  They need to be finished out separately by a Contractor.)

2x4s 16” on center

The buildings are built to be finished out and include 2×4 studs that are 16” on center.  This is perfect for insulation and drywall. Buildings within the City of Tucson do require that the construction meets residential standards.  Also, a building permit is required within the City of Tucson and Pima County for anything over 10×20 or 200 sf in size.  Please refer to my article in the Shed News on the permitting process in Pima County and the City of Tucson:

The City of Tucson requires (at the moment) that these buildings only be used as “sleeping quarters” and cannot include a full kitchen.  Kitchenettes are allowed.  In Pima County, the buildings are consider accessory structures and can only be used as sleeping quarters, as a guest house, or as temporary housing during the time a more permanent structure is being built.  In other words, a permanent structure is needed on the property in order to place one of these units.  For more information go to the link above.

Steve’s Custom Studio

This ABCO 12×40 Side Lofted Barn Cabin above is being used for an art studio.  It is finished out with insulation, drywall, recessed lighting and beautiful vinyl plank flooring.   This building was designed with 3×3 windows, 2×3 windows, shutters, an 11-lite door, double barn doors on the end and octagon windows in both lofts.  In addition lofted barn style buildings include 2 overhead lofts for storage. ABCO buildings are completely customizable in terms of the options for porches, doors and windows. 

Options:  We offer 2×3 and 3×3 windows, overhead storage lofts, 36” metal-cased doors, 11-lite doors, barn doors, transom windows, octagon windows, shutters and interior walls.  In addition we offer over 17 choices for the siding and trim colors.  Roofs are all metal with a 30 year warranty.  For all available options, please visit the Options Tab at

Construction Quality:  For information on construction quality of the buildings, please visit the Quality Tab at


Dan Hickman’s “The Homestead”

Check out what Dan did with this 8×12 Side Utility which includes one 48” barn door and one 2×3 window. Add your own porch or we can put one on the building for you.  (Note:  the customer constructed this porch separately from the building.  ABCO porches come attached with the buildings.)

This is a nice little get away when you need some quiet time.  The possibilities are endless and we love to see the creativity displayed by people. 


For all building styles please click on the brochure on the Order Tab of the website:  Or visit us at 16115 S Three Wells Ct location, which is located south of Tucson about 20 miles.  We always have a great display of buildings including cabins, garages, utility sheds and lofted barns for your storage and leisurely needs.